About Georgio

Georgio Fernandez knows what women want. He grew up committed to pleasing two women who happened to be the most important people in his life: his mother and grandmother. "Being raised by two women gave me an interesting perspective into the daily ritual that is Beauty." says Fernandez. "The pride, the process and amazingly, the metaphysical transformation that occurs - when a woman really feels good about how she looks. At the time, it was something that I was forced to wait through, today it's my life. I believe I understand women very deeply."

Fernandez began his career as an actor, and after uncovering his true calling, he then became one of the biggest names in the makeup and beauty industry. Soon he was traveling from coast to coast to help stars look their best at high-profile events.

"The recognition, the Hollywood - all of it is great. But bringing that Hollywood home to people is what I really enjoy. When a client comes to the store and leaves realizing that what is available to celebrities is available to her too, and that she can look as good as they do - that's what it's all about. The empowerment and confidence they leave with is why I do this. It's my mission to changes lives through beauty."